What Is News?


News is information about current events or affairs that have occurred recently, or that are of interest. It is typically reported on in newspapers, magazines, radio or television. The goal is to provide readers with factual information objectively and concisely. It may also include opinions and analysis.

A news story should not be too boring to read, but it must also be accurate, so that it is not misleading. In addition, a good news article should appeal to the senses, with interesting visuals and sound. This will make it more likely to be shared on social media.

What makes a news story interesting or not can be a complicated issue to determine. Many things can factor into whether something is considered newsworthy, such as:

Exclusivity: The more exclusive the news is to a particular publication, the more likely it will be to be included in a news story. This can include having the first interview with a celebrity or politician, having photographs or video of an event or having a breaking story first revealed.

Bad news: Stories with a particularly negative overtone such as loss, death, injury or disaster are of interest to the public and tend to be of greater concern than neutral or positive stories. This can include natural disasters, accidents and tragedies such as murders, suicides and plane crashes.

Conflict: Controversial issues, disagreements and arguments such as a split in a religious denomination or a riot are of interest to the public. Conflict can also be presented in a positive light if it results in change such as a peace treaty or an agreement on a political issue.

Shareability: Stories that are thought to be popular or to have a viral potential are more likely to be featured in news reports, magazines and on websites and blogs. This can be due to their entertainment value, humour, controversy or the impact of the news on the lives of individuals or society as a whole.

Feature articles: This type of article provides in-depth coverage of an event, topic or person. It often includes research and interviews with experts and other people involved in the topic. It can include a combination of facts and opinion and can take a long time to write.

News articles should not contain too much personal opinion from the writer, as this can taint credibility. It is usually best to get the source of the news to speak for themselves, so that it is clear where the author’s own bias lies.

A news story should be targeted toward a specific demographic. This is often determined by location, but can be further narrowed by subject matter such as discussing zoning laws in a commercial area for example. It can also be influenced by the audience that a publication or website hopes to reach, such as parents with young children. For example, a newspaper about Kansas City would focus on a specific demographic of residents of the area.