What Is Entertaiment?


Entertaiment is the art of presenting a performance to an audience. It can take many forms, including concerts, theater, and shows. Successful entertainment involves using the right music, presenting a good act, and winning the audience over. You may have heard the word “entertainment” in the news or on the television.

It can include shows

Dance is a form of entertainment where performers perform intricate movements to the beat of music. Many people watch dance as a form of physical exercise, but it is also enjoyed for its beauty and spiritual benefits. A variety of dance series are available for both children and adults. These shows are geared toward different age groups, and some are specifically for young children, while others are more appropriate for a more mature audience.

It can include zoo animals

For the curious, zoo animals can be a good source of entertainment. Similar to SeaWorld, zoos provide a chance for children and families to observe various animal species up close. Though they often include large, wild animals, zoos have a dark history. In the past, zoos have even housed humans, including melanated colonized people. This was a clear example of racial hierarchy. Moreover, zoos have supported the trade of illegal animals, which is estimated to cost approximately ten lives per animal.

Despite zoos’ efforts to make their animals look happy, many animals suffer in captivity. Many of them are not given the right living conditions, and they often live in small cages without any access to the outdoors. Moreover, many animals lose their natural instincts while in captivity. Additionally, animal welfare laws are lax in some countries, and some zoos take advantage of this. In China, for example, guests can even drive around tiger enclosures in caged vehicles. In addition, raw meat is hung on the bars of the cages to attract tigers.