How to Write a News Article

News is information about a change in a situation that has recently happened. It can be about events, issues or people. News articles usually focus on current events and are published in newspapers, magazines and websites. They might also be broadcast on radio and television. Writing a news article requires a clear and concise format that is easily understood by the general reader. It should include facts and information that are accurate and up to date. It should not contain personal opinions or bias. Ideally, the news article should be objective and include quotes from sources who are knowledgeable in the topic.

In order to make a story newsworthy, it needs to be new, unusual, interesting or significant. It can also be about a large number of people or an event that affects a wide area. For example, a coup in a neighbouring country can be considered newsworthy if it impacts the stability of your own.

The headline is the most important part of a news article as it catches the reader’s attention and determines whether they will read the full article. The headline should be short and catchy, using Associated Press style guidelines unless your publication specifies something different. The headline is often written by someone else, but you should try to write it so that it is informative and evocative. Typically, the headline is placed above the fold in a newspaper or at the bottom of the screen before you have to start scrolling on a website.

Once you have your news article’s main points in a logical and structured order, it is time to write the body of the article. This should include a lead paragraph that is succinct and clearly defines the news item’s most important point. It should be followed by a paragraph that summarises the details of the story. The final paragraph should be a quote from an expert or other source who can add more depth to the news item.

If you are writing a news article to be broadcast on television or radio, it is usually a good idea to interview sources who can offer insight and background on the subject. This can include an expert who can comment on the issue, or an everyday person who can provide an anecdote or personal experience. Interviewing sources is a great way to get an accurate and balanced account of the news item that will engage your audience.

Unlike some other types of writing, when it comes to news writing it is usually inappropriate for the writer to inject their own opinion into the piece. This includes the headline and lead paragraphs of a news article as well as any quotes in the text. However, if the writer believes that a particular fact or piece of evidence is particularly significant, it can be highlighted in the text. However, this should be clearly stated and should not contradict any other parts of the text.